Upcoming Superstar Julian Kerins Is Setting the Standard for Many Recording Artists

Julian Kerins is creating a whole new wave when it comes to combining talent and resources! With the help of Stars Dave Lory, better known for his work with Lady Gaga, Prince and Nirvana; Julian recently was granted the position of Music Director and Artist for Dave’s current project picked up by BMI for $4.5 Million. Coming right along with that is a series of shows scheduled to be at the BMI Headquarters this coming March of 2022.

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Julian advanced quickly in the digital realm by gaining the fast traction of receiving millions of streams via Youtube. This captivated the necessary notoriety and attention to bring his career to an all time high. On the line up of popular festivals, Julian made his mark sharing the stage with stars such as Machine Gun Kelly, Fall Out Boy & The 1975.

Julian’s trending single, “Varlet” received a placement on charts coming in at #69 and later increased in rank moving up to #14 on Top 20 Rock Radio Charts. Julian remained consistent for 4 weeks straight which greatly helped draw in more fans.

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Adding to his success, Julian held the #78 spot on “Global Hot 100” and later #69 on the “Indie Hot 100” while having the #7 most downloaded song in Rock as well as coming in at #9 for most streamed song in Rock.

Touring artist Julian is anticipating a collaboration with Rebecca Moore, a Youtuber and TikTok star with over 1 million subscribers.

First-hand experience is always superior to written words, Listen and find out for yourself what the music is all about here.