TV shows coming to Singapore in March: Westworld S3, Kingdom S2, Meow the Secret Boy and more

Marcus Goh
Kingdom (Netflix)

SINGAPORE — Every month, we’ll tell you about new comedies and dramas to hit terrestrial and cable channels, as well as streaming sites in Singapore. We’ll also highlight the television shows that you’ve got to be home (or on your phone) to catch every month.

Overview of March's shows

Korean dramas rule the roost this month, as a veritable horde of them hits multiple channels. Interesting ones include the second season of Kingdom on Netflix, as well as Meow the Secret Boy on Viu. Highly anticipated shows like 365: Repeat the Year and Find Me In Your Memory are coming up on both OhK! and Viu, with a slew of other K-dramas appearing on both platforms. Science fiction fans will also be pleased to find out that the third season of Westworld debuts this month on HBO, giving us more ruminations about the purpose and meaning of existence amidst clashes between humans and host robots.


Kingdom (Season 2) (13 Mar)

Winter is coming, but it is no battle for a throne. Instead, it is a battle between the living and the undead, the loyal and the traitorous, man and beast. The dawn of a zombie apocalypse is almost upon Joseon, but the enemies within the royal court are as insidious as the zombie plague that threatens the kingdom. Alliances will be forged and wars will be fought, but no one knows who will emerge victorious.

After the success of Kingdom last year, we now have a second season of the period zombie series. With more zombie hordes approaching this season (which are seemingly more powerful), we can expect some slick action and tense battle scenes. But palace intrigue still remains thick, and it looks like our heroes will have a fight on their hands this season.


Westworld (Season 3) (16 Mar, Mondays 9am and 10pm)
HBO (Starhub Channel 601, Singtel Channel 420)

After escaping the Westworld theme park, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and her friends discover how hosts like herself are treated in the real world, even as she navigates new relationships and tribulations. However, it turns out that there's more to Westworld than any of them expected, as Maeve (Thandie Newton) discovers a new region that they have never seen before.

Want to see Singapore in a hit HBO series? That's what we're going to get in the third season of science fiction series Westworld — where the hosts (sentient robots) have now entered the real world (filmed partly in Singapore). It turns out there are even more shadowy puppet masters puling the strings behind everything, but it's also interesting to see the futuristic outside world of Westworld (as represented by our country). Do us proud, Singapore!


Meow, the Secret Boy (26 Mar)

When a man who behaves like a cat, Hong Jo (Kim Myung-soo) meets a woman who behaves like a dog, Kim Sol Ah (Kim Myung-soo), sparks fly. However, what Sol Ah doesn't realise is that Hong Jo is really a cat — the very same stray cat she has adopted. Hong Jo's attempts to lead a double life go awry, as he struggles to balance the demands of being a cat and a human.

This is quite a refreshing new concept for a Korean melodrama! But if repetitive romances aren't your thing, there's also the pet aspect of the show, with an adorable cat sort of being part of the main cast, without being paid as much, of course. There's probably going to be a dramatic revelation in the series where Hong Jo discovers that more people can metamorphosize into cats or other animals like he can, but that's all part of the fun, isn't it?

Kelab Prefect (Suria)



Patah Sayap Bertongkat Paruh (1 Mar, Sundays 9.30pm)

Pengantin 100 Hari (3 Mar, Tuesdays 7pm)

Aman (7 Mar, Saturdays 8.30pm)

Kelab Prefect (13 Mar, Fridays 8.30pm)


Aram Sei (9 Mar, Mondays 9.30pm)

Pengantin 100 Hari (Suria)


Oh!K (Singtel TV channels 525/611, StarHub TV channel 816)

365: Repeat The Year (24 Mar, Tuesdays and Wednesday 7.50pm)

Find Me In Your Memory (19 Mar, Thursdays and Fridays 7.50pm)

Lady Storm (12 Mar, Tuesdays to Fridays 9pm)

Listen To My Heart (17 Mar, Mondays to Fridays 11pm)


Cartoon Network (StarHub TV Ch. 316, Singtel TV Ch. 226)

Power Players (28 Mar, Saturdays and Sundays 8.30pm)


HBO (Starhub Channel 601, Singtel Channel 420)

The 12th Suspect (movie) (13 Mar, Friday 10pm)

Westworld (Season 3) (16 Mar, Mondays 9am and 10pm)

Lost Girls (Netflix)



Who’s The Better Actor? (13 Mar)


Nobody Knows (3 Mar)

Memorist (12 Mar)

Find Me In You Memory (19 Mar)

365: Repeat The Year (24 Mar)

A Piece of Your mind (24 Mar)

Meow, the Secret Boy (26 Mar)

A World of Married Couple (28 Mar)



Paradise PD: Part 2 (6 Mar)

Spenser Confidential (movie) (6 Mar)

Sitara: Let Girls Dream (8 Mar)

Hospital Playlist (12 Mar)

100 Humans (13 Mar)

Elite (Season 3) (13 Mar)

Kingdom (Season 2) (13 Mar)

Lost Girls (movie) (13 Mar)

The Platform (movie) (20 Mar)

Unorthodox (26 Mar)

Ozark (Season 3) (27 Mar)

Uncorked (movie) (27 Mar)

Ozark (Netflix)

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Hospital Playlist (Netflix)

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Spenser Confidential (Netflix)