New in town: Richeese Factory – Spicy barbeque fried chicken joint from Indonesia

Indonesia’s well-loved fried chicken franchise Richeese Factory has finally landed in Malaysia! If you think you’ve heard this name before— you definitely have. Richeese is widely known in Malaysia as the company responsible for producing the addictive, crunchy cheese wafer snack, Nabati.

Richeese Factory - Grand opening at the Berjaya Times Square storefront

Located in 1 Utama Mall and Berjaya Times Square, Richeese Factory serves fast food classics like fried chicken, burgers, and ice-cream, but with a twist. 

Richeese Factory - Fire chicken, plain rice packets, Pink Lava drink, and cheese sauce

For their infamous Fire Chicken, customers can determine their own fate by selecting the spiciness level starting from 0 (beginner) all the way to 5 (ultimate). Can’t decide between playing it safe or wanting to leave the restaurant with a runny nose and watery eyes? You can order their Combo 2 Fire Chicken for RM20.49 that includes 2 pieces of fire chicken of different spice levels of your choosing, coleslaw, mashed potato, and a Pink Lava (Richeese Factory’s version of sirap bandung to cool down your fiery taste buds).

Every order of chicken also comes with another house specialty: cheese sauce. If you’re not a fan of fried chicken drenched in spicy barbeque sauce, check out their Fire Flying Chicken, fried chicken coated in spicy powder, or Richicken, their classic, regular style fried chicken. Both of these will cost you RM10.49 for a 1 piece combo and RM16.49 for a 2 piece combo

Richeese Factory - Cheese ice-cream in a cup

If you still can’t beat the heat with the Pink Lava drink, try out their cheese ice-cream (RM3.99). Yes, you read that right. Cheese flavoured ice-cream!

Visit Richeese Factory to satisfy both your fried chicken and spicy food cravings in one go. As their tagline goes – Berani cuba?

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