New in town: Pawa Bakery – Tasty shio pan, mochi bread & more under S$4!

My fellow bread lovers, I come bearing good news. Located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD), Pawa Bakery is a newly opened gem that offers a delightful array of fresh bakes at an affordable price. From soft fluffy toasts to crisp savoury bagels, Pawa Bakery has you covered.

Pawa Bakery - Storefront

With most items priced at less than S$4, what’s not to try?

Stocked with a diverse assortment of goods on display shelves and chillers, this humble takeaway-only bakery takes pride in using high-quality Japanese flour to produce its bakes and pastries.

Pawa Bakery - Shio Pan

Check out Pawa Bakery’s bestsellers such as their signature Shio Pan (S$2.30) or Casarine Toast (S$5.30). Although these breads may look plain, their taste begs to differ. Lightly sprinkled with salt flakes, the Shio Pan is deliciously buttery with a velvety chew. Likewise, the Casarine Toast is a simple yet fluffy toast that will complement any spread.

Another standout is their mochi bread, specifically the Chocolate Mochi (S$2.30), Cheese Mochi (S$2.30), Red Bean Mochi (S$2.80) and Taro Mochi (S$3.20).

Pawa Bakery - Chocolate Mochi Bread

Boasting a soft exterior and generously filled with stretchy mochi, Pawa Bakery’s mochi bread closely resembles Brazilian cheese bread, also known as Pão de queijo. What’s more, each piece of bread is speckled with toppings that are the same as its fillings. For example, the Chocolate Mochi has chocolate chips for a doubly rich chocolatey flavour!

For those with a penchant for unique flavours, the bakery has a variety of bagel renditions. From indulgent Matcha Red Bean Mochi Bagel (S$3.80) to savoury Paschi Beef Bagel (S$4.20), prepare to be in for a treat. Along with their recently launched Black Sesame Bagel (S$3.80), Pawa Bakery’s bagels are toasted to perfection and simply satisfying.

Pawa Bakery - Tomato Bacon Ciabatta
Credit – Pawa Bakery

Ensuring that you can get your bread fix when you need it most, Pawa Bakery also sells classics with a twist. This includes Cinnamon Scones (S$2.30), Tomato Bacon Ciabatta (S$4.20) and Salted Egg Yolk Toast (S$5.30). Even the names sound so yummy.

As a sweet tooth, I currently rank Brown Sugar Mochi Toast (S$5.80) first on my “to-try” list. The thought of milky toast with sugary ‘QQ’ mochi is the perfect combination and makes me drool.

Not sure about you but I’m so ready to splurge at Pawa Bakery.

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