New in town: Oh My Cow! — Unique ice cream flavours with free-flow Nutella on tap and ice cream hotpot

I constantly find myself searching for new ice cream and waffle cafes to try, and the ultimate experience has been delivered thanks to Oh My Cow!. Newly stationed in Marina Square, this is another ice cream cafe that’ll definitely be added to my “must-visit” list. I think I was sold after they mentioned having a Nutella Tap.

To celebrate, Oh My Cow! has an exclusive promotion you won’t want to miss. Read till the end of this article to find out more!

Oh My Cow! - Love Letter Waffle

From perennial classics to innovative creations, frolic in happiness while having a taste of childhood with a Ribena ice cream cone in your hand. Or try out unique choices like Truffle Cheesecake ice cream for something more adventurous. Alternatively, if you’re craving for something a little lighter, the Cherry Blossom option should be up your alley. All the house-made ice creams at Oh My Cow! cost S$4.90 per scoop and S$8.90 for double scoops. Premium flavours would be priced slightly higher at S$1 more.

If you’re dining in a pair or group, savour their Love Letter Waffles which are great for sharing. Drizzled with maple syrup on top, their waffles are on the crispier side, with a dense and eggy taste in the center. It is priced at S$15, and you get to pair double scoops of ice cream with the Love Letter Waffles.

They surely know how to cater to indecisive people (like me). They present creative ways of serving up several options of ice cream, such as the Ice Cream Hotpot (S$22). It consists of five choices of ice cream flavours to your fancy, and is served in the same stainless steel hot pot.

Oh My Cow! - Nutella Tap

Now for the finale… the Nutella Tap. Forgive me for my melodramatic behaviour, as I love chocolate with my whole heart. The first ever in Singapore, Oh My Cow! takes full credit for creating this quintessential Nutella on tap experience. The dreamy hazelnut-cocoa spread flows out at a warm temperature, completing your ice cream of choice for free!

Though this might be rather similar to Awfully Chocolate’s flagship store that features live chocolate taps, one can always try out something similar here at Oh My Cow!. Trust me, there can never be too much chocolate.

Now here’s the deal you’ve been waiting for: A 1-for-1 promotion on any ice-cream flavour is available to anyone who flashes this article to them! Limited to 300 redemptions only, this is valid from now till 31 Dec 2022.

To find out more, pop by Oh My Cow! or check out their Instagram for a milking good time.

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