New in town: MZW Bakery — SG’s only bakery that offers $2 chiffon cakes in 13 different flavours

MZW Bakery, located in Bedok, seizes the chance to give us nostalgic snacks with a new modern twist for real cheap!

MZW Bakery — Storefront

MZW stands for 麦之味 (Mai Zhi Wei for the non-Chinese folks), translating into “Flavours of Wheat”. Why? Well, the founder Michael, also known fondly as 麦哥 (Brother Mike) was inspired to create a bakery that did not gatekeep age, and would be visited by the old and young.

Yet, the team wished for the name to be related to wheat, which is of course the one irreplaceable ingredient of baked goods. By giving MZW Bakery such a name, they could kill 2 birds with 1 stone, as it is a name that invites curiosity from all age groups.

This story provoked many feelings in me, as we know that many stalls that mean so much to the older generation have been closing recently. Thus, it is heartwarming to know that there is now going to be a new bakery for old folks!

MZW Bakery — Chiffon Cakes
Credit – MZW Bakery

As a self-proclaimed chiffon cake lover, my eyes widened at the sight of 13 different colours! The named few are the classic pandan, and many intriguing friends — Coffee, Triple Chocolate, Strawberry Yogurt, Blueberry Yogurt, Durian and Mango.

To cater to the older customers, the Chiffon Cakes (S$2) contain low sugar with no preservatives, making sure to make them as healthy as possible. Those worried about the quality? Fret not, as MZW Bakery has put in meticulous effort to ensure that no element of its classic flavour is lost! 

MZW Bakery — Savoury Treats
Credit – MZW Bakery

MZW Bakery also offers savoury goods in the form of fluffy buns and pies. For me, the ones that stuck out were the Curry Bun and the Triple Delight Pie, which seemed like they’d be perfect lunch snacks— filling enough to douse out the flames of hunger, yet not too much that it would give you a food coma.

With a thoughtful vision and affordable but fascinating goods, Mai Zhi Wei Bakery seems like a great place to stop by for local bakes. I’m compelled to make a trip down specifically for the Mango Chiffon Cake. Let’s give this new bakery a try!

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