New in town: MentaiKing — King of Fried Rice founder opens coffee shop stall specialising in mentaiko dishes

By now, most people in Singapore would have heard of the extremely successful King of Fried Rice chain. Fans of the fried rice establishment may be excited to learn of MentaiKing, a new coffeeshop stall conceived by King of Fried Rice’s founder, Mr Lester Li.

Credit – MentaiKing

MentaiKing was created as an effort by Mr Li to provide diners with restaurant-quality food at affordable prices. The stall launched on 16 September 2022 at a coffeeshop along 27 Bendemeer Road, and specialises in mentaiko rice bowls. The mentaiko-centric concept has four different types of rice bowls on the menu.

Unlike most other rice bowls that are made with regular white short grain rice, MentaiKing uses fragrant garlic butter rice to better complement the protein and mentaiko sauce. Each dish is also served with broccoli and tamago.

Try MentaiKing’s signature Mentai Tiger Prawn (S$9.90) containing fresh grilled tiger prawns atop fragrant garlic butter rice, and drizzled with a secret homemade mentaiko sauce, which is then torched for a smokey umami flavour.

Credit – MentaiKing

The Mentai Salmon (S$10.90), on the other hand, comes with a large piece of salmon topped with mentaiko, while the Mentai Beef Cube (S$9.90) is an option for those who prefer a non-seafood protein.

One of Mr Li’s personal picks is the Mentai Pork Cutlet (S$8.90), which uses the same pork cutlets as the ones in King of Fried Rice’s dishes, except with a different seasoning.

If a rice bowl isn’t enough to satisfy you, opt for MentaiKing’s add-ons, like the Karaage (S$4.50), Gyoza (S$4), Ramen Egg (S$1.80) and Grated Parmesan Cheese (S$1).

If you’re a huge fan of mentaiko, why not give this new stall a visit?

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