New in town: Happiness Hot Pot — Dancing hotpot restaurant with signature fish maw soup

So far, Haidilao is the only hotpot restaurant I know that offers dancing performances. Recently, this trend has been taken to new heights by Happiness Hot Pot at Solaris. It has a whole crew of staff who is passionate and skilled in dancing. Their performances go beyond just trendy gesture dances from TikTok— they perform Kpop dances, too!

Happiness Hot Pot - Store front

The restaurant is in the spotlight, I would say. Among a row of shops, it’s one of the most prominent ones with a huge and highly visible sign up front. The ground floor of Soho KL has become more vibrant with the addition of Happiness Hot Pot!

Happiness Hot Pot - Dance

With its name, Happiness Hot Pot truly intends to bring you happiness. At 7.30pm, 8.30pm, and 9.30pm, there are dance performances by the staff. It’s a great place for extroverts to recharge.

During the performances, the staff interacts with the audience, and if you’re brave enough, you can even join in and dance. You’ll feel pure happiness here, a perfect remedy for your hectic workday.

The eatery is also thoughtful enough to design an ‘anti-social zone’ for those who feels overwhelmed having interactions with the staff but still want to experience the lively vibe. This corner is perfect for us introverts!

Happiness Hot Pot - Hotpot offerings

Though they put much focus on the performances, they are also meticulous in preparing their offerings. One of the signature items that has received high praise from patrons is the Golden Chicken Fish Tripe Broth (RM99). The soup is simmered for 48 hours and features fish maw, adding depth of flavour and texture.

You can even play games with the staff and get free tokens for claw machine if you won. Now this is really a fun place!

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