New in town: FiftyFive Coffee Bar — Cafe by day, soon-to-be cocktail bar by night along Neil Road

Cocktails and coffee might not always be the most obvious pairing, but FiftyFive Coffee Bar has managed to combine them together in an ingenious manner. This coffee bar recently opened on 25 Feb 2023 at 55 Neil Road serving coffee during the day and soon, cocktails at night.

FiftyFive Coffee Bar - Interior Shot
Credit – FiftyFive Coffee Bar

FiftyFive Coffee Bar is the brainchild of owner Nick Liu and general manager Harold Koh, both of whom bring in their shared love for flavours and passion in creating a space where guests can connect and enjoy quality drinks with friends and family.

What sets FiftyFive Coffee Bar apart from any other cafe is its bar concept, which is set to launch on 5 May 2023 featuring cocktails. Currently, the cafe menu offers speciality coffee and tea, as well as fresh in-house bakes.

FiftyFive Coffee Bar - Manuka Honey Miso Latte
Credit – FiftyFive Coffee Bar

The Manuka Honey Miso Latte (S$7.50) is a savoury and slightly sweet latte with a subtle umami flavour from the miso. The milk adds a creamy texture to the drink, while the honey provides a natural sweetness.

You might recognise the medicinal flavours of the Strawberry Pipagao Latte (S$7.50/S$8.50), as it uses the signature and herbal flavours of Pi Pa Gao with the sweetness of strawberries and creamy texture from the milk.

FiftyFive Coffee Bar - Iced Chocolate
Credit – FiftyFive Coffee Bar

Those who aren’t into caffeine can opt for the Iced Chocolate (S$6.50/S$7.50) which uses single-origin Cambodian cacao in the chocolate. Alternatively, you can try the cold-brewed Sticky Chai (S$8), which uses soy milk which adds a creaminess to the drink, while the spices provide a warm and aromatic flavour.

Pair your drinks with their in-house bakes such as Homemade Apple Tart (S$7.50) and Chocolate Babka (S$7).

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what cocktails they have to offer!

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