New in town: Epok Epok Nye — Giant epok-epok packed with carbonara and salted egg fillings

Whenever I find myself munching on a flaky and golden-crusted epok-epok, two things would come to mind: Why aren’t there more flavour options apart from the standard potato or sardine selection, and why isn’t it bigger? Enter Epok Epok Nye, an epok-epok specialty stall that opened on 23 Oct 2022 along 120 Arab Street.

Epok Epok Nyé - Exterior Shot

Gone are the days when epok-epok only comes in curry potato or sambal sardine fillings, as Epok Epok Nye introduces four brand new flavours to spice up your snacking experience. First, the Rendang (S$3.50) gives you an option between chicken or beef filling, just like an actual rendang. This classic Malay flavour is sure to be a hit especially paired with its buttery crust.

Epok Epok Nyé - Roti Boyan

Next is Salted Egg (S$3.50), a step away from classic Malay flavours. While the salted egg trend has seen its up and downs, it definitely has a timeless feel to it as salted egg remains one of the most sought-after tastes on the island. Following that is the Black Pepper (S$3.50) filling that you can already tell will set your taste buds on fire.

Epok Epok Nyé - Epok - Epok

Finally, saving the most unexpected flavour for last, the Carbonara (S$4) filling. This cream-based Italian sauce that usually accompanies pasta now fills a doughy interior, almost like our very own version of calzone!

I haven’t even gotten to the near ridiculous size of an epok-epok at Epok Epok Nye. It’s nearly the size of an entire hand of the average human being. Who knows, we might even use these giant epok-epoks for scale in the future.

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