New in town: Ducking Good 好吃鸭 – 50% off Whole Speciality Ducks!

Eager for a duckadent meal? Ducking Good 好吃鸭 at Geylang is the ultimate haven for duck lovers.

Opened by the same folks behind Boeuf Steakhouse, it serves duck meat prepared in no less than 10 different methods. From confit, roasted, fried, spiced, herbal or in soup, the restaurant sticks to its overarching ethos of “one duck, many patterns”.

Ducking Good - Crispy Spiced Duck Leg Confit

Customers can choose a quarter, half or whole duck. If you are looking for the best of both or, maybe even, three worlds, one can opt for bigger platters with 2 or 3 combinations of duck styles.

Some top recommendations from Ducking Good include the Signature Braised Duck (S$20/S$39/S$69) and Herbal Roast Duck (S$20/S$39/S$69). While the Signature Braised Duck is slow-cooked to tender perfection in a rich soy sauce blend, the Herbal Roast Duck is soaked with a secret herb-infused brine and boasts an addictive smoky skin.

Ducking Good - Signature Braised Duck Leg

For those craving a unique twist, the traditional Hokkien-style Signature Salted Duck (S$20/S$39/S$69) is cooked in a salt cast to preserve its juicy goodness and impart a savoury essence. Meanwhile, the Crispy Spiced Duck Leg Confit (S$9.90) promises a perfect mix of succulent meat and crackling skin, elevated by the taste of piquant spices.

This one’s for adventurous culinary seekers, the Spicy Kou Shui Duck (S$9.90) is a cold duck dish served with pungent Sichuan chilli. It is a modernised version of Sichuan’s classic kou shui ji!

Ducking Good - Braised Duck Leg and Dang Shen Tonic Soup

Ducking Good doesn’t simply serve duck. They offer an array of complementary dishes such as the House Braised Chicken (S$20/S$39) doused in aromatic broth and a piping bowl of Dang Shen Tonic Soup (S$13.90).

Starting from S$9.90, their Signature Set Meals cater to solo diners. Pick your favourite duck dish and pair it with either Claypot Porridge or Jasmine White Rice. For S$1 more though, you can also upgrade to Fragrance Duck Fat Garlic Rice cooked in tasty duck fat.

Moreover, Ducking Good has an opening promotion from 20 Apr to 17 May50% off a whole specialty duck for 4 consecutive weeks! The type of duck changes weekly, but the final week serves a Triple Duck Platter (U.P. S$49) that is a solid combination of Signature Braised Duck, Signature Salted Duck and Herbal Roast Duck.

So before the promotion ends, visit Ducking Good to feast on their selection of ducks that will make you go, “That’s ducking good.”

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