New in town: Daejim — KBBQ redefined with air-flown fresh Korean seafood like soy-marinated crabs

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In a time where Korean cuisine is widely available and therefore very saturated, many have started to grow tired from the staples offered by most. Daejim is not just another Korean BBQ restaurant, it is here on a mission to reintroduce diners to contemporary Korean cuisine.

Daejim was launched on 1 Sep 2022 along 4 Craig Road. Its name stems from the Korean word dwaeji, which translates to pork, a meat choice that’s heavily featured in Daejim’s menu. That does not mean it shies away from seafood, as they boast air-flown fresh Korean seafood such as squids, scallops and crabs.

Daejim BBQ Entrance

For starters, Daejim offers traditional Korean barbeque options with various meat sets such as Black Pork Set (S$93), which includes 5mm-thick pork belly, pork collar, sliced pork belly and pork jowl. The pork comes from Jeju black pigs, which are touted as the Kobe beef of pork.

Daejim a modern twist to the traditional pojangmacha
Credit – Daejim

Diners yearning for something new can go for its unique Seafood Set (S$118) which contains fresh oysters, scallops, abalone, squid and grilled mackerel. All sets include steamed egg, soup of choice, cream cheese croquette and cheese fondue.

As a bonus, four barbeque cheese scallops will be given for every order of the barbeque set for the whole month of September!

Ganjang Gejang Soy marinated crab
Credit – Daejim

The spin on the menu comes in the form of Daejim’s a la carte offerings. Ganjang Gejang (S$40) are crabs that have been marinated in soy sauce for three to four days and are served raw. They also have a raw prawn variant called Ganjang Saewoo (S$35).

While it goes without saying that makgeolli is the drink of choice for any Korean barbeque, you might want to try the Honeycomb Makgeolli variant that goes for S$38 for two pax,  as its sweetness balances the zesty taste of the alcohol. Soju lovers fret not, for S$18 each you can get their soju cocktails such as Blood Orange Squash and Plum Sour.

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