New in town: Cafe Gui — Minimalistic Japanese-Korean cafe with Dalgona honeycomb coffee

Cafe Gui is the latest addition to the numerous amount of cosy cafes found all over Singapore. While most cafes here opt to follow a singular theme, Cafe Gui boldly chooses to combine both Japanese and Korean cuisines to bring something fresh to the table.

Gui Cafe Entrance

Opened on 15 Sep 2022 along Irrawaddy Road, Cafe Gui certainly looks the part with its almost all-white approach and minimalist aesthetic. The soft lighting all around also helps set the mood for dining. It also has cat-themed cups as well as drawings of felines displayed in the cafe.

Gui Cafe Dosirak Rice Bowl

You can expect both Korean and Japanese favourites at Cafe Gui, which is perfect for days when you can’t decide on what to eat. The Dosirak Rice Bowl comes with Korean spam, a sunny side up, kimchi and pickles for S$15.90. Keeping with tradition, it is served in a rectangular tin box where you are supposed to give it a good shake to mix the ingredients up. 

The Japanese alternative is the Arabiki Sausage Rice Bowl (S$14.90). This includes Japanese arabiki sausages, minced pork, soft Japanese scrambled eggs and pickles.

Cafe Gui Cold Ramen

Its noodle offerings also showcase both Korean and Japanese options, such as Japanese Ramen and Korean Ramen, both of which cost S$9.90 each. It also has Bibim Guksu, which is Korean cold somen noodles, as well as Cold Japanese Noodles for S$14.90.

Cafe Gui dalgona

As for dessert, you can choose either the Japanese green tea-based Hojicha Pudding or Korean Black Soy Pudding, both of which are priced at S$6.90 each. Although the dalgona coffee trend happened years ago, their in-house special, Dalgona Honeycomb (S$7.90), is a must-try as it’s topped with actual blocks of honeycomb on whipped espresso.

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