Tony Hung apologises for improvising his intimate scenes

23 Dec – Tony Hung recently expressed his apology for causing discomfort towards his "Wonder Women" co-star Rebecca Zhu with his improvisations on the set of the said series.

As reported on HK01, the actor addressed the issue after the actress shared with the media that he was very handsy when it comes to their intimate scenes on the said series and had once kissed her without consent while filming a scene together.

"I would like to apologise to her if I have done anything that made her uncomfortable," he said, when asked about the issue.

Tony also revealed that Rebecca has taken the initiative to contact him after her previous statement caused a stir.

"She said sorry, and I told her to be careful next time because it could mislead other people," he added.

Asked if he would avoid intimate scenes with other actresses in the future, Tony said that he has no issue with it.

"I am a professional actor, and thus would know what can or can't be done when it comes to my performance. I just want to make each scene feel lively and natural," he added.