Get Toned with the Fittest Personal Trainers in Singapore (Aditi Kashyap)

Personal trainers are not just for celebrities and public figures. If you lack the motivation to work out on your own, like a variety of workouts but don’t know how to create your own programme, or you have a particular target and training goal, then you might benefit from hiring a personal trainer to guide you along.

A personal trainer can be a great investment. An excellent personal trainer is one who makes you feel comfortable, one who is patient with you, one who treats your fitness goals as their own, one who communicates well and most importantly one who is passionate about fitness and practices healthy living in their own personal lives.

Vanilla Luxury has put together a list of personal trainers in Singapore who you should definitely hit up to get a body everyone would be jealous of.

Vanan, EzFit Singapore

Vanan has been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years and leads EzFit Singapore which brings fitness professionals to your doorstep. The team consists of qualified and experienced personal trainers, each with a different sub-speciality, who can customise the fitness programme to your needs and goals.

From kids to seniors, Vanan’s team of personal trainers at EzFit will be able to find a fitness programme that suits you. Their comprehensive programme not only teaches you how to exercise but also strives to guide you on diet and lifestyle choices for a more balanced life.

Vanan also specialises in corporate fitness programs and events. Staying abreast of the latest developments in the fitness field, he is also one of only three Master Trainers for the Gray Institute based in Singapore to educate the fitness community in continual education in terms of body movement.

Email Vanan at for further enquiries.

Get Toned with the Fittest Personal Trainers in Singapore

Coach Emy Wong

Coach Emy has been in the fitness industry for about 10 years now. Starting out as a trainee in one of the top commercial gyms in Malaysia, she rose through the ranks to reach Master Personal Trainer after three years. Having worked at a 5-star hotel as a Fitness and Wellness Executive as well as at a ladies’ gym where Coach Emy created a specialised fitness programme, she now focuses on personal training.

With a Diploma in Physiotherapy, amongst other certifications, Coach Emy specialises in several types of fitness training including rehab training, injury prevention, pre and postnatal training, weight loss and toning. She’ll come straight to your doorstep or condominium gym, or you can find her at ActiveSG and Fitness Corner gyms.

Contact Coach Emy via Facebook, Instagram @coachemy_ or email at to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Get Toned with the Fittest Personal Trainers in Singapore

Adrian Tan, One Personal Training

Adrian Tan started training when he saw a group of his close friends get into the fitness route. He saw the tremendous transformation from weight training and immediately got hooked from that day. “Fitness is a lifestyle. It's not something you do for a few hours each day. As a matter of fact, it's 24/7. You need to be consistent with your nutrition and sleeping patterns to yield the best results.” Adrian provides both online coaching and personal training services.

For consultations and appointments, you may drop Adrian a message on Instagram @adriantanfitness or email at

Get Toned with the Fittest Personal Trainers in Singapore

Noopura Yeliur

While doing her Masters in Clinical Exercise Practice back in Australia, Noopura Yeliur also bagged a certificate as a professional personal trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness. She has been practising as an Exercise Physiologist in Singapore for over 8 years now with a variety of clients ranging from healthy individuals to people with medical conditions. With the advantage of her combined expertise in clinical and training fields, she offers her clients a one of a kind training experience. She works extensively in women’s health specialising in antenatal and postnatal training as well.

Contact Noopura at (+65) 9858 6151 or drop her a message on Instagram @trainwithnoop.

Get Toned with the Fittest Personal Trainers in Singapore

Jason Chee

Jason Chee entered the world of fitness “by accident”. Back when he used to play competitive basketball in polytechnic, he and his teammates decided to buff themselves up so they can start playing rough. Since then, Jason has not turned back. ”My only principal in fitness is consistency. Everyone can have that burst of motivation but how long can you maintain that? There is definitely no shortcut.” Jason is a personal trainer for both men and women for bodybuilding.

Contact him on Instagram @thejasonchee.

Get Toned with the Fittest Personal Trainers in Singapore

Beckie Loh

“Strive for progression, not perfection. No shortcuts but hard work and dedication.” As a mother of a young daughter, looking good is very important for Beckie Loh. Looking good does not necessarily mean skinny. Looking good means being strong, healthy and fit." Training helps me relieve stress and makes me feel better each day." A workout with Beckie means targeting different muscle groups every day and a few hours of cardio, depending on your fitness goals.

Contact Beckie via Instagram @im__beckie or email at

Get Toned with the Fittest Personal Trainers in Singapore

Regina Tan

From a young age, Regina was always engaged in co-curricular activities that kept her body active such as sprinting, volleyball, basketball and cheerleading. However, her journey to fitness started with her personal goal of breaking the stereotype that women are weak. Two years later, this Psychology student started working as a personal trainer. She provides both online and personal training services.

For consultations and appointments, you may contact her at or drop her a message on Facebook and Instagram @Bmbshxll.

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