How To Take Selfies

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Self-portraits or "selfies" are all the rage now, especially with photo social networks like Flickr and Instagram. Some of these selfies even have dedicated hashtags like #fotd (face of the day for those demonstrating new makeup looks) or #ootd (outfit of the day for those wanting to show off their daily ensembles).

The basic idea of the selfie is that it has to be a photo which you took with your phone's camera; a lot of phones now have front-facing cameras that make snapping selfies a breeze. However, when it comes to uploading selfies, it's simply not a matter of posting just any photo—one must look their cutest. How else are you going to rack up the likes if you look blah and tired?

Check out these tips on how to snap the perfect selfie.

It's all in the angle

In a post from RocketNews24, a Korean teenager teaches readers the importance of camera angles. (link:  She posts two photos side-by-side of her selfies taken at different angles and you can immediately see a huge difference. Fashion photographer Toto Labrador advises taking the selfie from a high angle. "Tilt your chin down so the face also gets thinner," he adds.

Skin is in
Just like the camera can catch you at unflattering angles, the lens also likes to highlight redness and pimples. Make sure that your skin is always pimple-free and selfie-ready by maintaining a clear skin regimen. Unless you're an actress or a model taking selfies backstage at a shoot, you don't need a lot of makeup to look selfie-ready.

Most guys are inclined to like selfies of girls who are showing off fresh, glowing skin. If you have any blemishes or skin blotchiness, make sure to even out skin first with a light tinted moisturizer like BB cream before saying cheese.

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The filter is your friend

Not all filters are created alike. Some are meant to over-saturate a photo with color (you don't want this filter when your skin is blotchy) while others are meant to leach a photo of its natural hue for more drama. Filters that work best for selfies are the ones that add a warm, yellow glow to photos. These soft filters are more flattering to skin, which will give you a luminous appearance. 

Light is might

Just like angles are important, your source of light—-and where you position yourself—-is key to a super selfie. "Don't position yourself behind a bright background; your skin will look darker," says Labrador.

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Show off those pearly whites! No one wants to see a sad face on their feeds, so make sure to post happy, smiling selfies.

Get app-happy
When you want to go beyond the basic set of filters, you can turn to other photo-editing apps to get the most of your selfie. This may be a little time-consuming, but if you want to upload a unique selfie, then these apps might do you good. Line Camera for example has filters that are meant to be used with selfies (Beauty and Baby). It also has the added benefit of adding other cute stuff like stickers and labels so you can make your selfie extra memorable.