Tips to clean wrought iron and steel furniture at home

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Tips to clean wrought iron and steel furniture at home
Tips to clean wrought iron and steel furniture at home

02 Oct 2021: Tips to clean wrought iron and steel furniture at home

We know wooden furniture demands high maintenance, but furniture made of wrought iron or steel is also nothing less. Rusting is one of the most annoying issues faced by both wrought iron and steel furniture. Rusted areas don't just look ugly, but getting rid of the crusts is a task. We have some hacks using which you can maintain wrought iron and steel furniture.

Tips #1: General cleaning tools and tips to clean the furniture

Be it wrought iron or steel furniture, the first thing to do is remove the loose dust particles. Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the surface and concentrate on the corners and the designs. Check for rust, stain marks, and other damaged areas of the furniture. For intricate pieces, brush gently using a dish soap-water solution as the cleaning agent.

Tips #2: How to take care of rusting on wrought iron furniture

One of the major problems of wrought iron is rusting. You can use a phosphoric acid spray to get rid of it. Apply it to the rusted areas. Ensure that you are wearing safety gloves while handling the acid. Leave it for a day; use sandpaper to remove the crust and any other loose paint marks. You can repaint these specific spots later.

Tips #3: Steel furniture items are easy to clean, but T&C apply

Experts suggest that detergents or your regular cleaning agents should be avoided while cleaning steel furniture. Instead, use white vinegar-water spray. Apply it all over the steel furniture. Now, use a microfiber cloth to clean the furniture and leave it for a while. To another cloth, add some olive oil drops and rub gently. Again, use a dry cloth to remove the oily touch.

Tips #4: Keep these in mind to maintain wrought iron, steel furniture

Unlike wrought iron, it is easy to remove fingerprints or stain marks from steel furniture. As soon as the mark appears, clean it with a cloth. Prolonged contact with water would make wrought iron rust. So, take care to avoid that. For weekly cleaning, use a brush or vacuum cleaner. Check for stain marks frequently. You can also apply car wax to wrought iron.

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