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This comfy floating recliner is like a 'La-Z-Boy for the pool' — it's just $29

Swimming laps is so overrated. Lounge in the water instead and bask away.

What's better than the blazing sun and intense heat of summer? Getting a fun, wet break from it! If you're one of the lucky people who've got access to a pool or lake, you know what we mean. You also know that accessorizing that chillaxing experience has never been so fun. Sure, those colorful floats and noodles are great for the kids, but come adult swim time? An inflatable armchair is the way to go — and we've got just the one. The Intex Floating Recliner is your new, buoyant BFF. Its got a body-hugging design, dual cup holders and a price tag of just $29 at Amazon. Let's dive in!

With all due respect to the armchair in your living room, this inflatable recliner is what you need to be lounging in.

$29 at Amazon

Swimming is fun, but sometimes you just don't feel like getting — or staying — wet. If it's a comfortable floating sesh you're seeking, look no further. This inflatable chaise has a puffy back and armrests, and its contoured design will make you feel like you're relaxing in your favorite chair — perfectly suited for enjoying a good beach read. And could there be anything more luxurious than lounging in a pool with not one, but two refreshing beverages at hand? Tell the kids to go splash somewhere else — the grownups have decadent unwinding to do!

Made of sturdy vinyl, this durable float can be used in both lakes and pools, and its strong handles will make you feel secure, even if the waters get a little choppy. (Again, kids, enough with the splashing!) There's an included repair patch juuust in case, and at just seven pounds, it's also tres portable, making it perfect for that weekend lake vacay. You're sure to be the envy of every swimmer there!

model on a recliner pool float
The only thing you'll be searching for during Marco Polo is this cushy chaise. (Amazon)

With just over 13,000 five-star seals of approval, the Intex Floating Recliner is a bona fide hit with Amazon customers.

One shopper accurately described it as a "La-Z-Boy for the pool! ... The best pool floaty I have ever owned. Large grown men are comfortable on it. It keeps you totally out of the water. I have had better loungers, but all were significantly more expensive."

"It has exceeded my expectations," reported another. "The lounge is large enough to comfortably fit an adult and provides a spacious relaxing place to float in the pool or lake. The recliner design is fantastic, as it allows you to lean back and relax while keeping your head and feet elevated about the water."

Several shoppers praised the Intex's design, specifically its cup holders. Some noted, though, that they would have loved one tiny tweak. "Cup holders could be a bit wider," stipulated this shopper, "but overall, this is the only float for [my boyfriend]. "Want a strong but bougie float? This is it."

"I ordered this float for cooler days when I want to get in the pool but not get super wet," a five-star fan wrote. We can relate! "It's perfect for that! My dog gets on it with me and we float around the pool."

How much like a real recliner is this? So much that at first you'll actually feel a little bereft not having a remote in your hand. Trust us, though, you'll get over it. 

$29 at Amazon

Not much fun in relaxing if you have to tucker yourself out blowing up a pool float first! How 'bout a zero-effort method? The highly rated Flextailgear Tiny Pump does the job in no time, is on sale for $28 and is perfect for on-the-go:

At just two inches long, this small yet mighty inflator blows up everything from pool floats to air mattresses with the touch of a button. It includes five nozzles to fit whatever you're inflating and recharges via USB.

$28 at Amazon

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