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This $23 cup turns any drink into a slushy — more than 2,400 Amazon shoppers are raving that 'it actually works!'

Impress kids and adults alike with this handy slushy cup, which turns juice, pop, lemonade and chocolate milk into frozen drinks.

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Make yummy slushy drinks at home with this trending Amazon cup. (Photo via Getty)

If you have kids or grandkids, you're probably familiar with all the latest crazes in gizmos and gadgets. But have you heard of the new "it" contraption making waves on TikTok, the Color Land Slushy Cup, which is available on Amazon Canada? Sales of this trendy kitchen device are up a whopping 4,000 per cent over the last 24 hours. Why? Because it can turn any cold drink into a slushy — no electricity required.

Quick overview

All you have to do is squeeze the cup, and you'll make delicious frozen treats that you can drink with a straw or eat with a spoon. Pretty cool, right? Read on to find out why more than 1,400 Amazon shoppers give this slushy cup a five-star rating and why it's a summer must-have for both kids and adults.

Make your own frozen slushies this summer with this “easy, fun and safe” little gadget.

$23 at Amazon

Designed to turn any drink — from pop to juice — into a slushy, this cup turns cooling off into a fun activity. The best part? It’s extremely easy to use.

First, put the cup in the freezer for four to six hours until the interior freezable liner (which contains food-grade water and salt) is solid as ice.

Next, pour a cold drink into the cup and squeeze the sides for two or three minutes. The drink and the built-in freezing liquid will exchange heat, resulting in a frozen beverage ready to enjoy.

Included in the package is a slushy straw that has a spoon on one end so you can eat your frozen drink like a snack.

Choose from four bright colours: blue, green, yellow or a Barbie pink.

⭐️ 4.1 stars

💬 2,300+ reviews

🔎 “Works just like the videos online.”

Yes, this cup “actually works” to make delicious slushies out of anything,” from juice and soda to chocolate milk, lemonade or iced tea. You can even make iced coffee.

Shoppers gush that “kids will love” it because it’s “very easy, fun and safe.” “My [kid] looks forward to slushies" for every meal, says one mom.

Not only is it an affordable way to make frozen treats “in minutes” (think of all the Slurpee money you’ll save!), but it’s also “easy to clean with soap and water.”

The main issue with the cup is that some customers say it’s “too small” for their preference, as it holds less than a cup of liquid. That may not be a problem for kids, though, especially if you’re trying to limit sugar intake.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that the cup must be completely frozen and the drink must be cold in order for the gadget to work properly.

The Color Land Slushy Cup is a total hit with kids because it can turn any cold liquid into a homemade slushy in under three minutes. It’s also great for adults who enjoy a slushy iced coffee (or even something a little stronger). Unfortunately, the cup holds under 250 mL, so it’s best for crafting a small drink or frozen treat to be eaten with a spoon. Give it as a gift for a special summer surprise.

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