Terrance Lau and Cecilia Choi happy to win awards together

6 Mar – Celebrity couple Terrance Lau and Cecilia Choi are elated to have won Best Actor and Best Actress together at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who appeared alongside his "Beyond the Dream" co-star at the closed ceremony held in Wan Chai recently, shared that they plan to celebrate their win with a meal together.

Asked if they performed really well in the film, Terrance said, "This movie, "Suk Suk" and "My Prince Edward" are all low budget films that won. It proves that these kind of films are also appreciated. I hope investors will give me and other young actors more opportunities by investing in more of these projects."

As for Cecilia, the actress stated that she was happy and nervous the day before the event.

"I even practised accepting the award, but I was still nervous when I took the stage," she added.

Asked the same question - as to whether she performed well enough to win, the actress stated that she only thought about working hard and giving her best for the movie when they were filming it.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)