Taiwan Food Tour to be held in Suntec City from 4 to 6 November 2022

Despite the impending holiday season, the ever-present threat of another Covid-19 variant, as well as the current state of the economy, means that most of us haven’t got our travel plans sorted yet. For those who’ve been meaning to visit Taiwan, not to worry as the Taiwan Food Tour, which will be happening from 4 to 6 November at Suntec City’s West Wing, is sure to keep you covered!

Taiwan Food Tour - Poster
Credit – Taiwan Food Tour

Organised by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affair and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, the event will feature over 100 mouthwatering delicacies ranging from flavourful instant noodles to aromatic beverages and plant-based meat products. There’s just about everything for everyone!

CandyPoppy - Coated Popcorn Brown Sugar bubble MilkTea
Credit – Taiwan Food Tour

Some of the featured products include Candy Poppy, an air-popped non-GMO corn kernel popcorn in a variety of unique flavours such as Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea, Chocolate, Strawberry, Truffle and Hot & Spicy. 

Contributions from the Songye Cuisine brand include halal healthy snacks made using local agricultural products. This includes Sweet Red Beans, Sweet Taro Dajia, White Fungus Fragrant Pomelo and Purple Rice & Red Bean Porridge.

Taiwan Food Tour - Great Day Porridge
Credit – Taiwan Food Tour

There’s also Great Day, which is a brand specialising easy-to-prepare, healthy ready-to-eat meals in the form of porridges. Some of their products include Great Day Assorted Vegetables Pork Broth Porridge, Great Day Korean Kimchi Beef Broth and Great Day Italian Tomato Chicken Broth Porridge. 

Apart from food items, the Taiwan Food Tour will also have live games and a lucky wheel. Children will also be able to enjoy themselves through the crafting sessions within the fair, which will have them create a handcrafted bubble tea toy. Make sure you keep your dates free for the Taiwan Food Tour!

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