Syura says man who claims to have dated her in the past is just a fan

4 May - Syura Badron has stated that the man who recently went viral for admitting to have dated her in the past was nothing more than just a fan.

The singer, who recently shared the said TikTok video of a man called Zaki Jinggo, stated that she was at first surprised by the story he told to the person who interviewed him, but then remembered that she met the said man when she performed in Kuantan back in 2001.

"At the time, I invited a fan to the stage to sing with me. I think he is that fan, based on what he said in the video," she said.

Syura revealed that Zaki is well-known in the said area, as he would often go to such events.

Syura is now married to second husband Farizat
Syura is now married to second husband Farizat

"Some of the comments there said that he was always seen at those gigs. Some said that he likes to sing, while others said that he is a bit "ill". I understand what netizens are saying and I just take his story with a grain of salt," she added.

In the said video shared by a TikTok user called @bonraiz, Zaki said that Syura fell in love with him.

"This is a true story," he said with a serious face. "When she came to Kuantan, she asked for any fans to come and dance with her. So, I came on stage. First at Berjaya Mega Mall. A week later, at Kuantan Parade, and I was there. She asked me again, and I went to dance. Then she put her hands on my shoulder and told me that she fell in love for me."

He even said that Syura had wanted to take him to meet her family in Johor, but that he would rather be a fan than her boyfriend.

(Photo Source: Syura IG)