Syamel finds new joy at celebrating Eid with two-year-old daughter



16 Apr – Syamel recently admitted that he now understands the joy of celebrating Eid as a father, as two-year-old daughter Nur Khawla Soleha also began to understand the celebration now that she is older.

The singer, who is married to songstress Ernie Zakri, stated that their daughter, known as Lala to her many fans, was the "performer" of the family - entertaining family and relatives during the celebration.

"Not only did she sing, she would also dance. Ernie and I expect more duit raya this year compared to last year," he said lightheartedly.

He then added that they will be starting a raya fund for Lala.

"Now I understand why parents are excited for their children. It is what I am experiencing right now," he said.

As for sharing lots of videos of his daughter on social media, Syamel said that he and Ernie have no qualms sharing their happiness with the fans, though not all videos of Lala have been shared in order to have some privacy.


The couple are doting parents to cutey Lala
The couple are doting parents to cutey Lala


(Photo Source: Syamel IG)