Sunny Wang neither denies nor admits pregnancy rumours

19 Jul – Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang has neither denied nor admitted rumours that wife Dominique Choy is currently pregnant with their first child.

As reported on TVBS, the actor, who was asked about the rumours at an event recently, stated that he and Dominique have always wanted to have their own little family.

Said Sunny, "Children are gifts. You can't reject it and you can't be too eager. In short, if there is good news, we will share it with you at the right time."

"But at this moment, I hope everyone can give us some space, especially my wife. Don't give her too much pressure," he added.

As to why the couple had not been seen in public for a while now, Sunny said that he has been busy working in mainland China.

As for his wife, he said, "She is happy. She is writing and currently at the stage of preparing for a new song."

Rumors of Dominique's pregnancy sparked earlier this month, when she was photographed with what seemed like a baby bump. Sources also claimed that the couple had tried IVF back in April, and that the singer successfully implanted an embryo.

(Photo Source: TVBS)