The Success of Kamran Razmdjoo, and How Things Worked Out For Him in the A-List Market

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Born and raised in California, Kamran Razmdjoo always has had an eye for Fashion. At an early age, he would love to go to Rodeo Drive and people watch to get ideas on how to dress himself. When Instagram became popular he started posting pictures of himself daily in different outfits and slowly but surely he would see his pictures getting reposted on big Instagram feeds by popular brands. Slowly he started growing a big following and started noticing celebrities and athletes messaging him complementing his outfits and asking for tips. That is when Kamran began his dream of becoming a celebrity fashion stylist.

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When asked how he would get his clients Kamran answered he would message different people on Instagram asking if they would be interested in working on some looks and a good amount were interested. He mentioned “It only takes one” as a motivational factor to keep pursuing his dreams. From there Kamran Razmdjoo has worked with many different celebrities including Travis Mills, Harsh Kapoor, Barbie Blank, Deandrea Yedlin, Eric Bledsoe, Cole Anthony and Hami Diallo.

Kamran Razmdjoo has also branched out as a big real estate agent. Focusing on the same clients he is dressing. What made him get into real estate was the fact that many of his clients weren’t local and would look for nice places to stay while traveling to Los Angeles. He realized that if he got his license he could then find them properties to stay at as well and pretty much be a concierge to his clients.

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If you go into the app store you can see that Kamran Razmdjoo has also developed an app called MyNxtHome where he has made a very user-friendly app for people to view what is on the real estate market.

All these aspects have made Kamran Razmdjoo a popular figure on Instagram as well as in person. When people are out and about they know who he is and his style draws attention to always every eye.

Don’t be surprised if you see Kamran Razmdjoo in an upcoming film or TV show as he has drawn lots of interested lately.

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