Sticker Lady engaged to longtime girlfriend after they proposed to each other

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Sticker Lady engaged to longtime girlfriend after they proposed to each other

SINGAPORE – Mostly known as the “Sticker Lady”, visual artist Sam Lo was proposed to by long-time girlfriend, Euphoria Ng on 18 August after the artist’s proposal in November 2019.

Sam Lo, who identifies as non-binary and goes by “they/them” pronouns, first appeared in the limelight in 2012 after they stuck stickers with Singlish phrases such as “Press Once Can Already” and “Anyhow Paste Kena Fine” on traffic light buttons and spray-painted “My Grandfather Road” on pedestrian crossings.

“I never thought all this would be possible in my lifetime. It will always be etched in my memory because for an awkward individual, and you did it so beautifully!! You’ve said to me that an engagement symbolises our promise and commitment to each other and I’m so lucky and grateful to be doing it with you,” they wrote on an Instagram post showing the couple kissing.

Openly gay, Lo is a vocal advocate for LGBT+ rights in Singapore. The artist not only collaborates with Pink Dot, the local version of Pride but also openly shares photos of them with their girlfriend on Instagram.

Beyond stickers, Lo also does artworks for international brands such as Nike, G-Shock and government agencies such as the Singapore Tourism Board. Lo’s artwork was recently featured as the centrepiece in Nike’s Jewel Changi Airport store.

Urban art has always been at the core of Sam’s work, but they now tread carefully, as they told Yahoo Lifestyle SEA in an interview last year: “If I'm going to be honest, I’m a little bit more self-policing. And I think a lot of creatives can agree with me on this. I think whenever we create something, we bear in mind certain guidelines that we kind of impose on ourselves.”

Lo also previously created sculptures for the past Affordable Art Fair show, so seeing them dabble in sculptures may not be a foreign act. But the biggest misconception they’ve faced is that they “can only do stickers”. They laugh off that statement, even though they say they’ve embraced the “Sticker Lady” label and reputation.

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