Visual artist Sam Lo aka Sticker Lady on the misconception she faces and her latest project with Casio

Visual artist Sam Lo aka Sticker Lady. (PHOTO: Casio)
Visual artist Sam Lo aka Sticker Lady. (PHOTO: Casio)

SINGAPORE — Visual artist Sam Lo aka Sticker Lady feels fortunate these days; she recently launched her latest collaboration with Casio G-SHOCK, where only 300 limited timepieces featuring her design are being sold in Singapore. “I think it’s a big honour and privilege to be able to work with different platforms like these, and to have brands work with you. It feels like they’re supporting you, endorsing you,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore.


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Urban art has always been at the core of Sam’s work. She placed stickers around Singapore and spray-painted a road which led to her arrest and sentence of hours of community work in 2013. Looking back, Sam still loves urban art but she treads carefully: “If I'm going to be honest, I’m a little bit more self-policing. And I think a lot of creatives can agree with me on this. I think whenever we create something, we bear in mind certain guidelines that we kind of impose on ourselves.”

While she still brings up discussions surrounding our culture and the way we live, she incorporates these thoughts into her design, especially on G-SHOCK’s iconic all-black GX-56BB model. With her art, she intends to get people talking about the new values surrounding us: “So on the watch strap itself, you can see the five stars. And these five stars, are kind of like my reinterpretation of what the five stars on the flag is. The inspiration for this watch really came from a lot of Singaporean influences, that's for sure. I believe all these things around us actually inspire and influence the way we live.”

The Casio G-SHOCK x Sam Lo timepiece. (PHOTO: Casio)
The Casio G-SHOCK x Sam Lo timepiece. (PHOTO: Casio)

As for this long National Day and Hari Raya Haji weekend, Sam is intending to take plenty of rest, as well as sleeping in. We think she deserves it, before another project drops nearer to September: “I might have a show coming up in September, this time exploring something more sculptural, I guess.”

Sam previously created sculptures for the past Affordable Art Fair show, so seeing her dabble in sculptures may not be a foreign act. But the biggest misconception she’s faced is that “she can only do stickers”. She laughs off that statement, even though she says she’s embraced the “Sticker Lady” label and reputation.

Watch the interview with Sam Lo above.

In conjunction with this year’s National Day theme “Our Singapore”, the G-SHOCK x SKL0 timepiece features the word “Majulah” from the classic Singapore National Day Parade theme song We Are Singapore . The time piece retails at S$299, and will be available at all G-SHOCK Boutiques (except IMM) from today onwards.