Stefanie Sun surprises fans with "What Remains"

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

1 Feb – Stefanie Sun surprised many recently by releasing her new single, "What Remains".

The 42 year-old singer-songwriter, who dropped the new song on 29 January, stated that she had written the song during the pandemic, which reflected her thoughts about isolation.

However, Stefanie didn't mean for the song to be sad, saying it was more about the notion of moving on.

Stefanie wrote "What Remains" during the pandemic last year
Stefanie wrote "What Remains" during the pandemic last year

"It's about the feeling of being overwhelmed with emotions. Being able to feel is better than being lost or incomplete. I hope those who listen to it can rediscover themselves, tidy up their emotions and then move on from it," she stated.

The new single has been released on various digital platforms.

She also thanked her fans and friends who have supported and accompanied her throughout her career.

This is not the first time that Stefanie made such surprises. Back in June last year, the singer decided to hold a digital concert to celebrate her 20th year in music. She also surprised fans with a new single 19 years ago when she released, "Someone".

(Photo Source: Universal Music Singapore Facebook)