Singapore YouTuber and celebrity couple Jianhao Tan and Debbie Soon expecting first child

Wenting Ang
YouTuber Jianhao with his  fiancée Debbie Soon. (PHOTO: Jianhao Tan Instagram)

Singapore — Having just sprung a surprise proposal a month ago, Singapore YouTuber Jianhao Tan and fiancée Debbie Soon dropped another surprise news to the couple’s legion of fans on 15 April – they are expecting a baby! Congratulations!

In a YouTube video announcement, Debbie shared that she was 16 weeks pregnant and had first seen her body changed when she was about eight weeks into the pregnancy.

While there had been hints on Jianhao’s Instagram, such as Debbie with a food baby, which now we know is a baby belly, and him shopping in the Baby Care section, in the week leading to the reveal video, the couple did not address the suspicions on their pages then.

The mom-to-be shared that she had only realised she might be pregnant when her period tracking app notified her that she was 57 days late. Positive that there was a mistake as she recalled that she had her period a month ago, Debbie bought a pregnancy test kit and tested while Jianhao was out at work.


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(PHOTO: Debbie Soon Instagram)

With the initial kit showing only one line, indicating that she was not pregnant, Debbie chucked away the test stick without a second thought. However, she recalled later the night that she picked it up again and “there was another faint line, and I really really (sic) don’t know if it was a line, and so I decided to bring it out to Jianhao and asked him if it was a line.”

When a second pregnancy kit tested positive, the couple was quick to schedule a doctor’s appointment to confirm the pregnancy and prepared for their first child. When asked about how he was feeling, Jianhao let on that he was excited, and especially so when he was filming the reveal video.

The first-time soon-to-be parents also disclosed that having kids and building a family together is their ultimate goal, and although the pregnancy “came a little bit earlier than expected, a little bit unexpected, but we’re still really excited.”

In another video on Ladies First, a new channel launched a month ago, which will feature Debbie’s pregnancy journey, the mom-to-be let on that except for feeling more tired than usual, she is not suffering from morning sickness or weird food cravings as much as the other moms-to-be.

(PHOTO: Jianhao Tan Instagram)

So, is it a boy or a girl?

The couple has the answer in an envelope, and will only be revealed in an upcoming gender reveal party. The parents-to-be expressed that they want to know the gender along with their family and friends, and promised a video on the gender reveal for their followers in the upcoming months. Debbie shared that she has no preference for the baby’s gender while Jianhao prefers a baby girl. However, the mom-to-be also let on that she had five different baby dreams showing her with a baby boy.

Once again, congratulations to the parents-to-be, and we can’t wait for the gender reveal!