Singapore’s Tamago-EN now in KL, serves Tamago Kake Gohan, Tamago Sando & Beef Steak Omurice

Egg enthusiasts can now delight in an exciting treat as Tamago-EN from Singapore has made its debut in Kuala Lumpur. Opened at the end of 2022, this eatery located in The Gardens Mall offers a menu featuring Japanese-inspired specialities that showcase the versatility of eggs.

Tamago-EN - Store front

This establishment utilises exclusively fresh eggs to achieve the distinctive fuwa fuwa (fluffy) texture in its egg dishes. The eggs are so fresh that you can even enjoy them raw!

Tamago-EN - Japanese kaya toast set

Begin your day with a unique twist on the classic Malaysian breakfast by indulging in the Japanese Kaya Toast Set (RM14.90) at Tamago-EN. This set comprises white toast, 2 onsen eggs, black coffee, unsalted butter, and kaya. What sets it apart is Tamago-EN’s use of Japanese sweet potato for the kaya, resulting in a distinctive purple hue instead of the traditional green.

Tamago-EN - Chicken katsu sando

For a timeless favourite, savour the Chicken Katsu Sando (RM24.50). It features crispy chicken katsu with okonomiyaki sauce, a sunny-side-up egg nestled in toasted white bread, and accompanied by mesclun salad and furikake fries.

Tamago-EN - Curry Shakshuka

For those seeking a different flavour experience, try the Curried Shakshuka (RM17.90). This dish combines slow-cooked tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic chilli oil, and curry with streaky beef bacon bits, chicken sausage, 2 onsen eggs, drizzled with fresh cream, and served with toasted sourdough.

Tamago-EN - TKG

A standout offering at Tamago-EN is the TKG, an abbreviation for Tamago Kake Gohan. This dish features whipped egg white, creating a fluffy cloud-like texture, and is topped with your preferred protein for the ultimate TKG experience. The TKG selection includes Salmon Avocado (RM27.50), Ultimate TKG (RM12.90), Salmon Flake Ikura (RM23.50), Teriyaki Chicken (RM20), Unagi Tamago (RM31.90), and Saikoro Steak (RM26.50).

Explore additional Japanese classics at Tamago-EN, including Chicken Katsu Don (RM21), Tamago-EN Oyako Don (RM20), Beef Steak Omurice (RM31.90), and Chicken Nanban (RM16.90).

Tamago-EN - Soufflé pancakes

Conclude your dining experience with Tamago-EN’s irresistible selection of souffle pancakes. Don’t miss the Berry Souffle Pancake (RM17.90)— a delicate and fluffy pancake adorned with fresh cream, served with strawberries, pistachios, and a delightful mixed berry sauce.

Indulge in the Creme Brulee Souffle Pancake (RM17.90), featuring a Creme Brulee-infused pancake layered with strawberries and topped with custard cream. For an extra treat, enhance your pancake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an additional RM3.90.

Is your stomach growling? Because mine certainly is!

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