Show Lo: If you could restart 2020, will you do it?

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

22 May – It looks like Show Lo is gearing up for his comeback, or at least his fashion brand GOTNOFEARS.

On 21 May the Taiwanese singer posted several Instagram Stories to promote his new collection of casual wear, with the first post a photo of a red button with the word '2020 RESTART' on it.

It further read, "If you could restart, would you press it?"

In the final post, Show also revealed that the collection will go public on 23 May.

Although the post was intended to promote his Spring/Summer collection, many speculated that it was also Show's way to express himself following his breakup with Grace Chow and the exposure of his many sexual affairs.

This was apparent in the last post, with the text reading, ""Would the world be better if 2020 can be repeated?"... If time can really be reversed, a time machine button is near, no matter whether it is pressed or not, it requires courage. No matter how changeable the world is, don't let fear affect your beliefs. Please believe that tomorrow will be better..."

(Photo Source: Show Lo Instagram)