Shila Amzah apologises for candy incident

2 Sep – Shila Amzah recently apologised for her action of throwing a piece of candy on stage during her Merdeka eve performance on 30 August.

The singer, who was captured on camera doing so during her performance and having the video going viral on TikTok, blamed her poor health on what happened.

"During the event, I was actually not feeling well. I have this habit of chewing mint candy before performing to soothe my throat. Usually, I would throw the candy before going on stage, but that day, I had taken several medications for flu and cough, that it kind of made me forget," she said.

Shila was caught throwing a piece of candy while on stage
Shila was caught throwing a piece of candy while on stage

Shila also stated that her heavy red couture was quite heavy and that she forgot all about the candy as she appeared on stage.

"After I did my adlib, I could feel the candy inside my mouth. I was worried it would choke me if I swallow it, so I threw it out," she added.

Shila admitted that she always reminds herself to throw her candy away before performing after having previously made the mistake during the Anugerah Juara Lagu. However unfortunately, she made a mistake of letting it happen again.

(Photo Source: Shila Amzah Instagram, my Metro)