Sherrell Alicia: Restoring Beauty and Transforming Lives

Sherrell Alicia is a life coach, author, and founder of Sherrell Alicia Mindful Beauty Restorations - a coaching and wellness company that has already helped people around the country to realize happiness and success in this crazy world. She launched her company in 2020 after publishing her twenty-one day devotional “Mindful Minutes.” The book and her coaching are based on the lessons she has learned in her own life. Having struggled with a difficult family life, an abusive relationship, and struggling to find happiness, she learned the keys to healing and living a truly amazing life. Realizing that her life experiences and lessons were helpful to others, she is now devoted to helping her current mentees and people around the world to find healing, happiness, and lasting success.

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Although Sherrell Alicia is “new” to the coaching world, she already has years of experience in the industry. In 2005, she started a hair business. “I was working PC support for a credit card processing and I started doing hair on the side.” Business was good. She quickly made much more money than she did with her full time job, attended beauty school, and launched her own beauty salon. However, for Sherrell Alicia, the business wasn’t just about making money. “The money was nice, but I honestly loved helping the person in front of me. Obviously, by doing their hair and offering beauty products, but through the conversations we had as well.” Although she didn’t even plan it, Sherrell Alicia was unintentionally healing people through her insight, words of affirmation and conversations.

Now, fifteen years later, she has launched Mindful Beauty Restoration to completely devote her time to helping others. Even though she started in the middle of the pandemic, was still able to make an impact. She started by hosting group coaching sessions, a live retreat, and individual coaching sessions as well and the results have been incredible. Her clients, largely young professionals, come to her to find happiness and success. When asked what she offers her mentees, her answer was simple. “I help people to restore their idea of beauty. Whether in their career, relationships, or life goals, the goal is to see the beauty of life.”

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What better way to follow up on her work than to ask one of her students? We had the opportunity to do just that. Melody, who now works as her assistant, was one of Alicia’s first mentee’s. She described her experience as “authentic and healing.” “The program has been designed to meet participants where they are and to be a safe place to progress. The best part is that we learn to heal ourselves, and at the same time, heal those around us.”

Based in Owings Mills, Maryland, Sherrell Alicia’s goal is to help people around the country and the world to live better and beautiful lives. “It’s amazing watching my mentees grow and develop, I want to help even more hearts heal and become a better version of themselves.” If you are tired of struggling to heal from past pains, looking for a deeper purpose and success in life, Sherrell Alicia would love to connect with you and help you to overcome pain and negativity while building positive and purposeful actions in your life.

To learn more about Sherrell Alicia, her book or her coaching services, visit her on Instagram at @makemeova or her website