A Sharp Debut: Bradley Sharpe Ventures Into Ready-to-wear

LONDON Bradley Sharpe has been running his small fashion business for three years, where he has specialized in bespoke and red carpet ensembles for names such as Bree Runway, Raye, Stefflon Don and Lady Gaga, who opened her sixth concert tour, “The Chromatica Ball,” wearing one of his designs.

“Last year, I don’t know what happened, but my business just started to really pick up and so it’s been doing really well. I would say 80 percent of my clients are celebrities,” Sharpe told WWD on the phone, ahead of his venture into ready-to-wear with 21 pieces available for order on his website,

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The debut collection is a fusion of his structural avant-garde shapes with a touch of dark feminine elegance using only black and white with a hint of red for a pair of sunglasses.

Prices start at 380 euros and reach up to 2,500 euros.

Bradley Sharpe
Bradley Sharpe’s ready-to-wear will start from 480 euros.

Sharpe’s rtw feels contemporary without compromising on the drama of couture-like shapes and fabrics. The cinched waists reference Christian Dior’s 1947 New Look and the more billowy constructions in black date to Cristóbal Balenciaga’s romanticism.

“I am usually the type of person that can only think big, but this has been an opportunity for me to actually really think about construction,” said Sharpe, who had been thinking about a “Victoriana apocalyptic moment” for the debut rather than showing a “show collection” with bells and whistles.

“I just love black, I can’t really work with color. That’s just me as a designer, but I also felt that designing this collection was based on the idea of everybody heading toward the end of the world and wearing mourning clothes, as they did in the Victorian age,” he added.

The collection features wool infused neoprene for a spongy effect and waterproof velvet, which is Sharpe’s way of remixing traditional elements with new technology.

Bradley Sharpe
The debut collection features wool infused Neoprene and waterproof velvet.

Prior to dressing celebrities, the British designer worked with private clients on custom pieces, a part of the business that he’s been growing organically.

“I do not have investors. I would love an investor,” said Sharpe, who is keen to take his label to the next stage.

He has a showroom in Paris, which he regularly visits during fashion weeks in the city, but he’s firm on stating that Bradley Sharpe is a British heritage brand.

Launch Gallery: Bradley Sharpe’s Venture Into Ready-to-Wear

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