Sharon Chan has no issue with ending of "The Man Who Kills Trouble"

27 Nov – Despite the many criticism surrounding the final episode of her recent drama, "The Man Who Kills Trouble", Sharon Chan said that she is satisfied with how it ended.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was asked about the viewers' dissatisfaction with how the show ended, expressed her belief that many were just unhappy that they didn't get the happy ending that they wanted.

Asked if she thinks the storyline was a bit far-fetched, Sharon responded, "I don't think so. A plot of a drama is just a fantasy. Some may like it and some don't. But I think that the drama has a good word of mouth and viewership."

Sharon also praised the drama of keeping up with social issues and situations of today.

As for her own ending, the actress said that she is happy that she and co-star Michael Tong got themselves a different ending than their previous characters in the 2017 series, "Heart and Greed".

(Photo Source: Sharon Chan Instagram)