Sean Lau stars in two Sil-Metropole movies

16 Mar - Sil-Metropole recently unveiled its 2017 movie line-up at the Hong Kong FILMART, and revealed that two of its four new movies stars HKFA 2016 Best Actor, Sean Lau.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who appeared at the event alongside actors like Louis Koo and Gordon Lam, shared that he starred in "Dealer/Healer" - a movie based on a true story about a former mobster's journey to recovery from drug addiction; and "My Pet is an Elephant" - where he plays a circus ringleader.

Speaking about portraying the role of reformed gangster Peter Chan Shun Chi in "Dealer/Healer", Sean said that he wasn't pressured to do well, and was happy to do it due to the special message of the movie.

"It wants to convey the message that everybody makes mistakes, but they can start over after repenting. What the world is missing is understanding and forgiveness," said Sean.

The actor said that playing a former gangster was not as difficult as working with elephants for "My Pet is an Elephant".

"There is this one scene where I had to put my hand on an elephant's tusk. If it killed me, Hong Kong would have one less Best Actor," he joked.

However, he added that after working with the elephants, he now has a new admiration for the majestic creature, and calls for increased proper protection for the animals.

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