Sammy Leung says parents prefer being quarantined in HK

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

26 Feb – Although his parents still had to continue their quarantine as soon as they returned to Hong Kong, actor-DJ Sammy Leung stated that his father was more at ease being back in the city rather than still stranded aboard the Diamond Princess cruise.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, whose parents recently arrived in the city more than ten days after being isolated on the cruise docked in Yokohama, told the media that his parents are now quarantined at Chunyang Village in Fo Tan with the rest of the Hong Kong residents who arrived from the said Japanese city.

"He said that it was better in the isolation camp than on the cruise ship. My father said that [while on the cruise ship], he would be too afraid to even open the room door as he was worried that the virus would get in. He is more comfortable now," said Sammy.

He also added that his parents are currently resting at the house provided, and even joked about saving money on expenses.

Asked if he has visited his parents at the village, Sammy said that he sent his younger sister earlier instead due to his hectic schedule.

"We sent them dry food like cup noodles. They are not allowed to bring in fruit, metal items and electrical appliances. The government provided all the food and materials instead. But there are a lot of people, so sometimes the meal delivery would be late or some people would miss it," he said.

(Photo Source: Sammy Leung Instagram)