Sammo Hung happy to work again

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

9 Mar – After two years of hiatus, Sammo Hung is happy to finally be back to filming again even if it was only to make a guest appearance in the Simon Yam-starrer, "Border Walker" (working title).

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the launching ceremony of the new movie recently, stated that he was worried that there would not be new film projects in Hong Kong due to the instability of the film market - which was why he was elated upon receiving the offer.

"I have rested well under the pandemic, so it makes me happy to appear in this movie this time. I have no problem participating if I am able to do it. It's really great to get to see colleagues from the industry," he said.

Asked if he would reduce his fee to help filmmakers, Sammo laughed and said, "If the Hong Kong government provides subsidies, it won't be the case."

At the same time, the actor admitted that he felt helpless upon watching the news and seeing the lives of others who are deeply affected by the pandemic.

"I really want to help, but there isn't much that I can do. It really saddens me," he added.

(Photo Source: Sina)