Ryan Bakery: I owe my wife my success!



1 Mar – Social media influencer Muhammad Ryan Fahmi, known to many as Ryan Bakery, recently revealed that his wife Elyia Ibrahim has played a big part in his success as a content creator.

The Instafamous creator, who recently won Gempak Most Wanted Awards for the Most Popular Digital Content Creator, stated that it is wrong for some to accuse his wife of taking advantage of his popularity.

"She was the one who invested in me, even when she was not my wife at the time. She would use her own money to help me buy equipment to record my videos, even though she didn't make a lot of money at the time," he said.

Ryan added that he wouldn't be where he is now without Elyia, who was there with him even when he lost his job prior to his success as a content creator.

"That was the reason why I decided to expedite our wedding. To show my appreciation and to be able to bring her with me anywhere I go," he added.

Ryan, who became famous for his comedy videos about school kids in the '90s, tied the knot with Elyia back in October last year.


The couple tied the knot late last year
The couple tied the knot late last year


(Photo Source: Ryan Bakery IG)