Ruru Madrid says he learns a hard lesson about fame

7 Sep – Ruru Madrid recently admitted that he let fame got into his head in the past, after he was cast in the remake of GMA's "Encantadia".

In an interview with Toni Gonzaga on her show, "Toni Talks", the "Lolong" star stated that he felt good about himself after being dubbed as the next Dingdong Dantes while filming the said series.

"My role was previously played by Dingdong Dantes. So, everyone was saying, 'You're going to be the next Dingdong Dantes,' and all that went into my head," he said.

It was made worse, he said, by the fact that he kept getting endorsement deals and projects while working on the said fantasy series, making him feel like there was nothing that can stop his career.

Ruru said he had to learn his lesson the hard way when he had a rough patch after the series ended.

"Maybe God was showing me. After Encantadia, I did some projects but I don't feel like they are working. It feels like this is the end of my career. I push myself to my limits, but nothing happens," he added.

In a previous interview, Ruru admitted that he thought about quitting showbiz after "Lolong" took three years to push through.

Despite the success of the series, Ruru said that he has learned his lesson - to always reflect on himself and be humble.

Ruru Madrid's 'Lolong' is a hit show
Ruru Madrid's 'Lolong' is a hit show

(Photo Source: Ruru Madrid Instagram)