Royal Secret Agent episodes 13-14: Romance blossoms as series nears finale

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Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myungsoo, right) and Hong Da In (Kwon Nara) talk awkwardly about their feelings for each other in Royal Secret Agent.
Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myungsoo, right) and Hong Da In (Kwon Nara) talk awkwardly about their feelings for each other in Royal Secret Agent.

This recap, which contains spoilers, covers episodes 13 and 14 of Royal Secret Agent, which is currently available on iQiyi.

The last episode ends off where Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myungsoo) fights off Chief State Councillor Kim Byeong Gun’s (Son Byung Ho) henchman Seo Yong (Park Joo Hyung) over the Buddha statuette containing the bloodied letter of the late prince Hwiyeong (Sun Woo Jae Duk), which contains information of the prince’s innocence.

The young royal agent is pierced and heavily injured by an arrow shot by Seo Yong, and is fortunately rescued by his faithful companions Park Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung) and Hong Da In (Kwon Nara). His younger brother arrives as well, and the three of them take him away to be treated.

A powerful scene emerges where Chief Royal Secretary Jang Tae San is imprisoned for harbouring Da In, the daughter of a usurper and faces Chief State Councillor Kim Byeong Gun. Tae San laughs at Byeong Gun’s fear of death, saying that even in his lowliest state, he holds his head high without any shame; pointedly remarking that the State Councillor would not have such dignity if their roles were reversed.

The six ministries pressure the king to execute the Chief Secretary, and the beleaguered monarch caves in. But of course, who other than the royal agent arrives at the last moment, prompting the king to question why Yi Gyeom is alive, when he was reported to have committed suicide by royal emissary Kim Man Hee (Chae Dong Hyun).

Yi Gyeom brandishes the late prince Hwiyeong’s letter, accusing the Chief State Councillor of framing him, and Kim Man Hee for ordering his death. All the accused parties are rightly imprisoned and sentenced, at the same time elevating our heroes.

Da In is instated as a member of a royal family (although not a princess but noble lady). Yi Gyeom is promoted to section chief in the ministry of personnel, the most powerful of the six ministries that oversees the appointment of civil servants in the government. Chief Secretary Jang is promoted to Chief State councillor, and tries to find Da In a suitable husband, much to the hilarious distress of Yi Gyeom.

What better way to go out on a high, as Yi Gyeom and Da In meet secretly past the night time curfew and share an electrifying kiss, long in the making. I can hear the wedding bells (or gongs) ring already!

Trouble brews with a new governor in Jeolla province

While both our leads are enjoying their newfound closeness and positions, an old villain rears his head in Jeonju. Formerly the magistrate of Yi Gyeom’s hometown, the new governor of Jeonju is Yi Beom’s (Lee Tae Hwan) former boss, who still holds a grudge against the brothers for creating a scandal in his neighbourhood.

He realises that his traitorous former servant is still alive as a bandit, and orders his lackeys to apprehend Yi Beom.

Da In and Yi Gyeom continue to see each other on dates, and share undercooked rice balls cooked by Da In, which they promptly spit out. Yi Gyeom hears of the tyranny of Jeonju’s new governor, and decides to return as royal agent, despite his wishes to stay with Da In.

The newly instated noble lady is naturally upset when she hears of Yi Gyeom’s decision and confronts him wilfully. Will she follow Yi Gyeom and continue to shadow her lover faithfully, despite the perils and endanger their newly established relationship?

Yi Beom and his girlfriend Sunae (Jo Soo Min) also share a tender kiss when she learns of Yi Beom’s plans for the new governor. With all the romance in the air, the ratings of RSA are bound to shoot through the roof!

With the big baddies either exiled or executed, will the new villains be up to the task? They will definitely have big shoes to fill as the series comes to a close. It has been an enjoyable and laughter filled ride so far with RSA, viewers can wait with bated breath to see if director Kim Jung Min will pull out all the stops!

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