Roxanne Tong plays psychologist in new TVB series

3 Oct – Roxanne Tong recently revealed that she is set to begin filming her new TVB drama, "24 Hours of Amnesia" (working title) soon.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was in TVB City to attend the press conference of the said drama, revealed that she will be playing a role of a psychiatrist who will help the protagonist to regain his memory.

"I studied Psychology during my time in the university, so it helps a lot in playing this character. I am not that pressured about it like I was when I filmed "Forensic Heroes IV"," she said.

It is noted that Roxanne previously had to replace Jacqueline Wong in "Forensic Heroes IV", following the latter's cheating scandal, and filmed all of the actress' scenes in just a month.

As for her individual preparation for the drama, Roxanne said that she will continue to try lose some weight.

The upcoming drama, which revolves around a man who loses his memory, co-stars Shaun Tam, Roger Kwok, Zoie Tam, and Grace Wong.

It is set to begin filming this month for 2020 broadcast.

(Photo Source: Roxanne Tong Instagram)