Roxanne Tong has no plans to date for the time being

20 Mar – Although it has been a while since she and Joey Law ended their relationship, TVB actress Roxanne Tong stated that she has no plans to start dating again.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who spoke about her love life recently, stated that she is already accustomed to her single life after the first year of her breakup.

"It is very comfortable putting myself as the priority. When I was dating, the other person is always the first thing I think about," she said.

Roxanne said that for now, her main priority is to make money for her own future.

As for her future relationship, the actress said that she might not be too open about it as she did with Joey in the past.

"I like to be low-key when it comes to relationships. But I would not deny it if asked," she added.

She also expressed dislike of being set-up by other friends, saying that she is the kind of person who would leave her love life to fate.

"It is better to understand each other's personalities first through text messages before going on dates. But my friends said that men nowadays do not like doing this," she added.

(Photo Source: Roxanne Tong Instagram)