Here are some of the things we were talking about in 2019

Niki Bruce
Environmental activists during a demonstration "plastic-free march" on Car-free days in Jakarta, on July, 21,2019. (Photo by Dasril Roszandi/NurPhoto)

To say that 2019 has been rather eventful is quite an understatement. What with so many new social trends, it has been hard to know whether or not we should be plant-parents, pet-parents, or just getting on with keeping calm and getting on with our crafting projects while hoping to be both sustainable, and ethical about our shopping habits. 

Here are just a few of the things we were talking about, and posting on Instagram, in 2019.

What we were doing with ourselves in 2019

At the beginning of the year it was all about loving indoor plants and following #plantfluencers on our Instagram accounts. Turns out there are lots of people in Singapore who admit to being obsessed with plants of all kinds; are you one of them?

We were also rather interested in the idea of making things with our hands. Crafting of all types, from weaving and knitting, to crochet and sewing, handicrafts became one of the top things we chose to do. 

The Japanese art of sashiko - a special like of stitching - added to the range of crafts we loved this year. Taking time out from our busy, phone-focused lives, not only helped people to relax, but also created some side-line businesses too. 

Of course our love for our pets - somewhat obsessive for some - stayed as popular and current as always. Lots of Pet Parents were happy to tell us all about how much they love their fur babies.

We were also interested in new ways to save money, like Japan’s Kakeibo books and money saving tips. Plus we had a bit of a giggle about Singapore being named the world’s 13th most fashionable country.

Recycling concept. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

2019, the year of sustainability

But the number one thing were were worried about, interested in talking about and discovering in 2019, has to be the issues of sustainability. 

In all its permutations from issues about ethical consumerismshopping sustainable brands - including fine jewellery - concerns about the carbon footprint of flying or trying to plan sustainable holidays - even going so far as to sail instead of fly - there were heaps of issues we were interested in.

We were also interested in discovering the truth about Greenwashing; wearing clothes that don’t need to be washed; how we can recycle family heirlooms like furniture; and trying to work out whether or not ‘Clean Beauty’ is really a thing. 

How many of these topics and interests will continue into 2020 will be interesting to see. Are you still obsessed with plants? Have you become a sustainability warrior? What else will be new? I’m betting on things to help with climate change, what about you?