Rising Rapper Punchmade Dev Is Taking Over Hip-Hop

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Rapper Punchmade Dev's first popular songs were largely based around detailed firsthand descriptions of pulling off elaborate scams at retail stores and online identity theft. One of several "scam rappers" to emerge from his city over the past few years, Dev matched his stories of Internet crime with a savvy wit and dark humor through songs like "Anonymous Activity" and "Internet Swiping."

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Musically, he was inspired by Southern rappers like Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, and Chief Keef, and when he began releasing tracks around 2019, fans noticed that his distinctive had never been done before in the manner he put it out. What stood out more than anything were Punchmade Dev's incredibly specific lyrics that at times read as instructions for identity theft, credit card scams, and other high-tech fraud. His song "Neighborhood Star" was amongst one of his most popular, and the lyrics walked listeners through the steps for setting up shop for various computer scams and fun one-liners.

Throughout the last few years, Dev has been a mainstay in underground hip-hop, successfully gaining traction in the country and performing at different venues. More from Punchmade Dev in 2021

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