Rising Fashion Model Madison Martina Shares Insight on Successfully Navigating the Fashion Industry

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There are a lot of beautiful and successful business-savvy women in the fashion industry that have caught our attention this year. With the rise of social media influencers who have strategically used digital media platforms to build a successful career, we couldn't help but to speak with one who caught our eye; fashion and swimsuit model— Madison Martina. We interviewed the rising fashion model about her opinions as to how she has successfully navigated the complex and ever-changing fashion and entertainment industries.

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As a young 23-year-old rising model, Madison has worked as a top swimsuit model, influencer and travel blogger. She has turned her public image into a sophisticated business that businesses are flocking to work with. She has worked with iconic fashion and beauty brands like Chanel, Guess, and Two Faced Cosmetics, to name a few. As a professional full-time model, her work ranges from print work, magazine publications, editorial spreads, e-commerce modeling and more and she does a variety of sponsored brand posts on social media to help innovative brands tell their stories and get their products increased visibility.

Madison recently ventured into entrepreneurship by starting her own swimsuit line, which is set to launch in early 2022. She was initially inspired to start the swimsuit line after working with so many inspiring fashion designers on advertising campaigns. While Madison’s new swimsuit line is still in development, it will be an innovative global brand featuring swimwear that compliments women of all shapes and makes them feel equally beautiful and confident.

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Madison’s advice for achieving success as a model and entrepreneur in the fashion and entertainment industries includes building a core reliable and trustworthy team. “Through my experience, I have seen that when you start out with a smart and trustworthy team to advise you on your business affairs, you will have all the information and tools necessary to succeed. For example, having a business manager and accountant has enabled mr to properly manage my finances including taxes, savings, and investments,” Martina said.

Madison continued, “I always think it is best to think long-term about finances and business venture investments. Public figures in fashion and in the entertainment industries can’t do it all on their own—with a great, loyal team supporting you, and advising on each project or decision, you are likely to have the best overall approach to being a successful and independent female entrepreneur,” Martina said. In addition, Martina also adds, “My mom is my manager and my best friend. She has been a monumental support system for me professionally and personally. Having a solid foundation and support system in place is essential to all of my business projects and ventures.”

We agree that she has given us great advice and insight. Martina has worked with national fashion and brand advertising campaigns throughout her career. With that being said, we couldn't help but spotlight Martina as she continues to succeed in the fashion world and become a global public figure.


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