‘RHOBH’ Star Sutton Stracke On Where She Stands With Erika Jayne, Crystal Minkoff & How The Cast Inspired Her “To Keep Going”

Sutton Stracke has been a fan favorite since joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Season 10. As Season 13 begins, Deadline talked to the Bravo star and she spilled the tea on her thoughts about Lisa Rinna not being on the show anymore, how the group dynamics have changed since her departure and where she stands with Erika Jayne and Crystal Minkoff.

One thing that Stracke is known for is for asking questions and the reality TV personality and entrepreneur knows that about herself.

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“I do ask questions a lot because if I see something weird, that I think is out of character for someone, I’m going to ask — I can’t help myself,” she told us. “My mother is a psychotherapist. So all she did was ask me questions constantly. I think I just learned to ask questions about personality.”

Asking questions has gotten Stracke in trouble with the other ladies in seasons past and although sometimes she’s known as a pot stirrer, she says there is more than one in the current cast.

“I do not think that there is one pot stirrer,” she added. “There are seven spoons in this pot. So, everybody’s a pot stirrer. There’s not one person that’s not guilty of stirring the pot. That is what we do.”

One main theme teased during the trailer for the new season of RHOBH is Kyle Richards’ marriage. This time, Strack says she’s “staying out of it.”

“At this point, if she needs me, she knows that I’m here for her. But right now. I’m just kind of staying out of it. I’m working on my business — that’s my focus right now,” she adds.

Earlier this year, Rinna announced her exit from RHOBH after eight seasons on the show. Being a big personality in the cast, her absence has changed some of the friendship dynamics in the group.

“Erika and I have this great love-hate relationship and sometimes we love each other and sometimes we hate each other,” Stracke explained on her relationship with Jayne following Rinna’s exit. “I think the dynamic within the whole group changed. We got to see Erika in a different light and she was fine and she talked a lot, she was just different. But also, she’s in a different place in her life. So, it was nice to see that evolution of Erika. I don’t know if it’s because of Lisa but the whole cast was just lighter this year.”

Stracke clarifies that the cast feeling lighter is not just “because of one person” like Rinna not being in the mix anymore but attributes it to the dynamic changing within the group. However, Stracke said that she did not miss Rinna on the show but hopes that one day they can sit down and work things out.

“I do not miss [Rinna] on the show. I wish her well. I personally think that Lisa and I needed a break,” Stracke says. “I think it would’ve been hard. Who knows, we could’ve maybe resolved the problems in our friendship had she been cast with us this season but I haven’t spoken to Lisa since the reunion. So, I don’t know.”

She continued, “I’d like to eventually get to a place where we are friends again. We have a lot of outside friends that we have in common so I’d like to see that happen one day, but I don’t know when that day is gonna come. I’d leave it up to her, to be honest.”

As far as her friendship with co-star Crystal Minkoff, Stracke says that they “have gotten close” as of late as they “have worked out all of our differences and really have come to such a great place. I think we’ve both grown since her first season and came to this really great understanding.” Stracke mentioned that Minkoff took a red-eye flight to NYC to attend an event for the American Ballet Theatre that Stracke was involved in noting that their friendship is good.

RHOBH will see a couple of housewives from other cities appear on camera in the upcoming season like Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey and Miami’s Larsa Pippen. Stracke said that she would love to see Meredith Marks from Salt Lake City make a cameo on RHOBH one day. Stracke also noted that she met Ubah from The Real Housewives of New York City and says that “she’s so great” and “would be really fun” to have her in Beverly Hills.

Stracke has also evolved since joining the show saying, “I started off really shy and not speaking that much.” However, things changed when she started opening her store and starting new business ventures showcasing her strength “and to be this independent woman coming off a divorce and having that power to be able to talk about it. I just thank Bravo for that opportunity and I’m so appreciative of the ladies because when I first started, they are all businesswomen, and they really inspired me to keep going.”

Although Stracke says that she “still cries” she is “not as much of a crybaby” anymore.

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