Remy Ishak denies being overshadowed by new leading men

9 Apr - Remy Ishak has dismissed the idea that he has been overshadowed by a slew of new leading men, after fans noticed that he hasn't appeared in a lot of dramas of late.

The 42-year-old actor, who was asked about his lack of new TV projects since becoming a father, stated that he has decided to decline lots of offers that warrant him to play the same characters that he has played in the past or that has similar storylines to the ones he had done.

"If I have to utter the same line of dialogues, it's hard to be sincere. You can't really feel it," he said. "Eventually, fans will think that I can't act, when in truth, I just don't feel like throwing out the same lines."

Remy also said that he didn't want fans to see him playing the same characters over and over again.

"We have lots of new actors now, so I want to give them the opportunity," he said, adding that he is not at all threatened by the emergence of these new faces.

"I can't still play the hero at 50, right? We need new leading men now, because I was also the successor of those before me," he added.

Remy Ishak is now a father of this little cutie
Remy Ishak is now a father of this little cutie

(Photo Source: Remy Ishak IG)