Rebecca Zhu says Matthew Ho is still her colleague

31 Mar – Rebecca Zhu seemed to be anticipating questions about her breakup with Matthew Ho as she appeared at a recent event.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was in TVB City for the TVB X Taobao press conference, stated with a smile that all is well between her and Matthew, stressing that the two have always been colleagues.

"I hope people will not make wild speculations about it," she added. "He is my colleague. There shouldn't be any awkwardness."

As to the fact that Matthew has unfollowed her on social media, Rebecca said that she only noticed that a lot of people followed her on Instagram recently, adding that the social media platform is where people come and go.

It was earlier this week that Matthew seemed to hint about the change in their relationship status, after many noticed that he had unfollowed her and removed all photos of them together.

When asked about it, he said, "No matter the relationship, be it between friends or work colleagues, there will always be that moment of change. I think that is the best decision now out of respect for everybody."

The two met while filming 2017's "A General, A Scholar, and a Eunuch", and later reunited in 2020's "The Dripping Sauce". Both parties were always complimenting each other, and had everybody guessing they were dating when they celebrated Matthew's 31st birthday in Thailand back in 2019.

Matthew has already deleted all photos of them together
Matthew has already deleted all photos of them together

(Photo Source: Matthew Ho IG, Rebecca Zhu IG)