Ready For More Nathan Fielder Antics? Here's How to Watch 'The Curse.'

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Nathan Fielder's Cringe Comedy 'The Curse' Is HereShowtime

Get ready to clench your jaws and question reality once again, because cringe comedy king Nathan Fielder (The Rehearsal) is back with another project. The Curse, his new Showtime series—which also stars Benny Safdie and Emma Stone—may be his most uncomfortable outing yet. The scripted series stars Fielder and Stone as Asher and Whitney Siegel—the co-hosts of a problematic new HGTV show that transforms neighborhoods called Flipanthropy. Safdie plays their controversial producer, who captures a foreboding moment on camera when a young girl "curses" Fielder for his misdeeds.

As a Showtime series, The Curse has a rather odd (but fitting) release window. If you have Showtime added to your Paramount+ plan, you can stream the weekly episode drops on Thursday at 9 p.m. PT/Friday at midnight ET. If you have a traditional cable provider, however, you have to wait until it airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The hour-long comedy drama will run for 10 episodes.

"It started out as a 30-minute comedy and became an hour-long comedy-drama," Safdie told GQ. "They live in an area called Española, which is close to Santa Fe, and that’s where they’re building their new homes. They have a very different way of gentrifying the community. They want to do it ethically, and they want to do it in a way that doesn’t hurt anybody. So, they want to make a show about that. And you follow their lives as they’re doing it." Who knows where this crazy journey will take us, but I'm strapped in for the ride. Check out the release schedule for The Curse below.

Episode 1: "Land of Enchantment" — November 10

Episode 2: "Pressure's Looking Good so Far" — November 17

Episode 3: "Questa Lane" — November 24

Episode 4: "Under the Big Tree" — December 1

Episode 5: "It's a Good Day" — December 8

Episode 6: "The Fire Burns On" — December 15

Episode 7: "Self Exclusion" — December 22

Episode 8: "Down and Dirty" — December 29

Episode 9: "TBD" — January 5, 2024

Episode 10: "TBD" — January 12, 2024

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